Eggs Benedict

I bought English Muffins from the groceries store, made Hollandaise sauce from scratch – using Alton Brown Recipe from Food Network show: Good Eats, and use Canadian bacon for meat. Garnished with salad and extra Canadian bacon.

VDO for How to Poach an Egg – also by Alton Brown.

Nat’s step:

  • Made Hollandaise sauce
  • Poach eggs
  • Cook Canadian Bacon (after dropping eggs into water)
  • Toast English muffin

Note: Take your time and be patience while whisking the yolks and butter in the saucier/pot/pan over low heat. Remember to move it on and off heat every 10-15 second or yolks will cooked on the bottom of pan.  Just whisk all ingredient together until smooth and set it aside. I didnt bother to maintain the temperature as directed in the recipe and it turned out just fine. But please do what works for you.


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