Yum Woon Sen

Light Dinner

About 15 minutes


This is one of my favorite dinner. easy to make and I can eat so much of it by myself. Sometime I only make it with the glass noodle (vermicelli) and ground pork and just chow it down.

Here are what you will need:  as always meat can be replaced. Get whatever you want to eat. Add sugar to the picture, too.


Soak the glass noodle in water, while you bring water to boil. Just one pot of hot water is good.


So bring water to boil. drop in ground pork and onion first, then shrimps and scallop.  Scoop those out, keep the water boiling, and add well-soaked glass noodle to boiling water (just noodles, no water) just for a minute, drain when noodle is clear like glass. Save a little of the boiling broth in your pot for later.


Now for sauce, Same as the soup a few nights ago, mix fish sauce, lime, chili sugar, and cilantro together. Taste. (Equal part of lime juice and fish sauce, half teaspoon of sugar, 2-3 chili pepper, less or more is up to you).

Then put everything in the big bowl.


Fold everything together with serving spoon or fork, add the broth you saved from earlier if it looks too dry. Garnish with cilantro. Eat with rice, or not.



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