Kai Dao – Fried Egg Thai style


Kai Dao (Fried Egg – Thai Style) is another classic meal. You can have it with rice, or use it to compliment other dish.

I made Garlic pork and shrimp & Kai dao today. since I already blog about Garlic chicken , I will just share pics of how Kai Dao is done.

All you need is a pan, eggs, and vegetable oil or canola oil – NO olive oil.

It helps to use deeper pan and extra oil. If you are counting calories, skip this.

High heat, and make sure oil is hot. Be careful as you drop the egg into pan – may be easier to pour from a cup, if this is your first time. Watch for the splash.


Flip it over, just like you were to make an over easy, and let it cook to your preference. 


Make your entree first, and fry the eggs last so its nice and hot, served over rice.  Garnish with cilantro, which I am out today! and Enjoy.


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