Top 20 Ice Cream Shops in Akron/Cleveland Area

If we are connected on social media, you already know I have sweet tooth, especially for ice cream. I would drive hour for sweets, if it’s worth it.

Here is a list of my top 20 ice cream shops I have been to and will go back. Listing in no favorite order with short description of what my family and I love about it.

  1. Mason’s Creamery – Ohio City. My number one ice cream shop. Egg waffles and Taro ice cream are my go-to. But all of their homemade flavors are amazing. Flavors changes almost daily and they always partner up with local restaurant and bakery to bring you fun creations.
  2. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream – Chagrin Falls. Jeni’s Salted caramel is by far my favorite, not too sweet, and not overly salted. Walk down to the falls before or after your treats or go across the street to the playground if you have little ones.
  3. Strickland’s Frozen Custard – I first have Strickland’s at their original location in Akron, Akron-Fulton Airport on Tripplet Road in 1998 and have been hooked ever since. Vanilla in a waffle cone and Vanilla, hot fudge, peanuts, and whipped cream sundae are the two things I alternate when I go.
  4. Henry’s Creamery – New to town! Our favorite ice cream camper serving homemade ice cream in Bath, Ohio. Every batch is made with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Gluten free options available. Check their social or call for flavors daily!
  5. Mitchell’s Ice Cream – We frequent the one in Ohio City. Kids love to watch the kitchen through the glass from the upper level and also to site by the window and color while watching cars go by at the mail level too. Oh and the toy trains running rounds on the ceiling.
  6. Biggins’ Big Dip – Portage Lake. It’s a shack. But it’s a shack with good ice cream and excellent service. We love supporting local business. The smaller the better.
  7. Tremont Scoops – Tremont. Small shop hidden in Tremont neighborhood. We usually go after dinner at one of the restaurants in the area.
  8. Malley’s Chocolates – Mentor. This place take you back to your childhood ice cream shop. We discovered it on the way home from The Holden Arboretum in Kirtland. I wouldn’t drive all the way there just for this but I wouldn’t miss it if we were out that way.
  9. Oser’s Dairy & Deli – Canal Fulton. A family owned, old fashioned parlor in downtown Canal Fulton. Visit when there is a fair or festival going on and it will be more fun but if you like nice and quiet, definitely just go, anytime.
  10. Belle’s Bread Japanese Bakery and Café – Columbus. The best Matcha Green Tea Ice cream in my books. They also have yummy bakery and cute pastries. Yes, I say cute because they make it into shapes and characters for kids. If you ever find your way to Columbus, make a stop at the “Japanese Town” where Belle’s is located.
  11. Rizzi’s – Copley Road. They are known for pizza and chicken but we love their gigantic twist cone for $2!!!! So close to home, and always open. They open late too, and close to the park. We go play then use Rizzi’s as a bribe to get the kids to leave the playground and it works every time!
  12. Handel’s – We go to the one on state road when we go. They are everywhere though. Local favorite.
  13. Chill Ice Cream – Downtown Akron. Local and homemade. New flavors daily. They also have baby cone which is perfect for the baby! It is located in the heart of Akron Jazz district. Bring your phone or camera, many photo opts in that alley way.
  14. Stow Cone – Stow. Bluemoon is what they are known for but what my kids love the most at Stow Cone is the sprinkle cone with a face on it. Cute small ice cream stand. They only open in the summer but for everyday that they are open, they are busy!
  15. Taggart’s – Canton. Home of the Bittner. They take you back to 1920s the minute you walk into the front door. Old charm, in the middle a neighborhood. Taggart’s is true to the saying, something is better kept the way it is.
  16. Lulu’s – Hudson. Yogurt with a twist. I personally like the atmosphere and kids love their variety of sprinkles. They have all the common toppings for frozen yogurts but also offer sugar cones, waffle cones, and brownies cups! Something for everyone.
  17. Sweet Moses – Gordon Square. Cleveland. Old fashioned parlor on Detroit Road in Gordon Square. The atmosphere can’t be beat and the location is ideal as you can walk down the street to other shops also. Be warn, they hold sweetness up high in their name, Sweet Moses!
  18. Graeter’s – located at Pinecrest. Graeter’s is a modern old fashioned shop. What I like most are their signature sundae selections. The sweet rewards is also a nice touch and we do go because of that. If you haven’t been to Pinecrest, plan an afternoon to stroll. Big Fun from Coventry is right next door to them, too!
  19. Pav’s Creamery Another local favorite. There are four different locations as of today. We used to and still go to the original in Portage Lake but frequent the one in Cuyahoga Falls more now. The retro decor at Cuyahoga Falls location is just too cool and there are more shops you may visit on front street in Downtown Cuyahoga Falls now, too.
  20. Dipping Dots – the god of all ice cream in my books! We get them at the Akron Zoo, Cleveland Zoo, Memphis Kiddie Park, and Yum Yum Sweet Shop in downtown Cuyahoga Falls. But did you know you can order them online! Click on the link for more details. No commission here. Just love love love it!

Keep the list going ⬇️

Country Maid – Local favorite! The ice cream shop and apple orchards located off of 303. Close by 271 also. Locally owned and have been around for seven decades!


BUBBIES ICE CREAM – They are way better fresh in Hawaii but if you like Mochi ice cream and want to have one of best, they are available at Whole Foods and also ONLINE.

I hope this list add one or two new ice cream shops to your list to try. Please feel free to share with me your favorite shop that is not on the list. I would love to pay them a visit!



One response to “Top 20 Ice Cream Shops in Akron/Cleveland Area”

  1. Thanks for the recommendations Nat! I’m going to check some of those out! You should try Hartzler’s Dairy in Wooster! But of a drive but really good!


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