Mom Guilt.

I am guilty of telling my children “you can’t do this yet”, “maybe when you are a bit older”, “next time”…

Well this morning kids wanted to make a card for their uncle, so we did. And as I was spelling h-a-p-p-y b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y for Ben, Kate was following and wrote both words on her own. On her freaking own!

She’s three so it may be a so what moment for you, but for me it was a mix feeling. Because I always feel we don’t do enough with her (I know actually not feel). We don’t read as many books, we don’t practice writing, and we just don’t do a lot of things we did with Ben when he was her age for school readiness. So I was surprised and I feel the guilt of always treating her like a “baby” and of course I was proud.

As we wake up and go on about our days, mostly making sure we do what we supposed to do be where we supposed to be and that kids are alive and well, we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we do and what we didn’t do. I am known to be so hard on myself and I’m sure most moms are. You. Included.

So if you may take my morning as a reminder that you are doing amazing. Your hard work will pay off. Your children are always learning something from YOU and their surrounding that YOU are providing for them.

Stop and praise yourself a little. It’s totally okay.

Happy Sunday, mommas ❤️

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