Stay Home Order…

I didn’t sleep well last night and woke up with a lot on my mind today. It’s been almost two weeks of keeping busy and adjusting to the new normal and I think the reality is finally setting in.

I sat at my desk to write a VIP to do list and finally broke down.
So many questions ran through my mind. One of my biggest concerns was I have been promoting my friends small businesses while I’m also personally on a hardcore lockdown. We play outside in our backyard but my husband is the only person leaving home for anything since he is still leaving home for work daily.

I started to doubt myself if I was doing them good or am I doing them wrong… by promoting and still having friends leaving their home for different reasons… At the end of the hour (at my desk), I told myself, what we have been telling ourselves since the breaking news, that life must go on.

Everyone is doing everything for their own reasons. As for us, kids and I won’t leave home to go pick up anything (and selfishly praying that my husbands job fell off the essential list even though we do need that income) but I will keep promoting small businesses that are still open and trust that friends who have to leave home are making good judgement. Because we never know how much impact that one order has on them.

Of course the word hypocrite crossed my mind. Yet again, I feel that I am doing my part from home and I sure hope that we will get through this sooner than later with minimum losses.
If you are still reading, thank you. Stay responsible. Stay healthy. And be safe, friends ❤️

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