14 Days Meditation Challenge

I signed up for a 14-day meditation challenge with Strong Mom Strong Fam Group, lead by Lauren Bay Regula of Trak Athletics in Akron, OH. The challenge starts today and I thought I would keep a journal of this challenge as I am hoping to make meditation a new habit.

Day 1 | Friday, March 27

Download Headspace.

10 Minutes, Unguided Meditation

Use this session to wind down at bedtime. Only sat for 10 minutes but think it was a good start.

Day 2 | Saturday, March 28

Start a series, Happiness, Session 1, 15 minutes

“As you go through the day today, notice which experiences leave you with a genuine feeling of contentment.”

We have been quarantined in the house since last Sunday (that we have not left home at all) so my days are filled with kids activities, cooking, cleaning, playing with kids, and making sure both are alive and well. So to be completely honest, a genuine feeling of contentment these days are; when my children say “Thank you Mommy, I love you”, when they finished their plate and told me they loved it, when they care and share with each other. And of course to see a clean kitchen and an organized playroom at the end of the day, because they are the two main space that we spend most of our times during this quarantine.

Day 3 | Sunday, March 29

Happiness, Session 2, 20 minutes

“Take the opportunity to do a small random act of kindness without looking for a reward.”

A friend who is a roof smith sent me her information to help promote her business yesterday right before we got the hail storm. The timing was just perfect so I post her information on my Instagram today hoping that someone with roof damage from the unexpected hail storm will call her!

Day 4 | Monday, March 30

Happiness, Session 3, 20 minutes

“Just pause and speak to yourself kindly rather than critically, noticing the difference in how you feel.”

I did this with my kids instead. Kindly vs. Critically >> Calm vs. Crazy! I actually made a chart today for myself to track how many time I raised my voice. I try to be more calm with them and watch my tone as the day goes on, (and it’s 5 times today for the record). It makes a huge difference at the end of the night. I feel better about myself and kids went to bed happy.

Day 5 | Tuesday, March 31

Happiness, Session 4, 20 minutes

“Turn the mind outward and think about how someone else might be having difficulty with something.”

Not to brag but that’s always been my nature and it has been hard during this Covid-19 to not think about the less fortunate or friends who are on the front lines, and their family. Friends who have loved on on hospital bed, friends whose parents are having health issues, and friends who may be going through financial hardship and they wouldn’t make a peep. Now more than ever I just wanted to scream at the world to BE KIND and also to STAY HOME. It is really not a complicate idea. It actually is an order.

Day 6 | Wednesday, April 1

Happiness, Session 5, 10 minutes

“Notice when you criticize the thoughts in your mind or things you say.”

Day 7 | Thursday, April 2

Happiness, Session 6, 20 minutes

“Remind yourself of that sense of playfulness and enjoyment, it lightens the mind and gives it a spacious quality.”

I think this is exactly what I did yesterday when I wrote down our goals for April. It is what it is, and we are going to embrace the moments and our family time together. Who knows when will be the next time we get to spend 30 days together 24/7 again. Love hard!

Day 8 | Friday, April 3

Happiness, Session 7, 10 minutes

“Do something that makes you smile, laugh and reconnect with the feeling of enjoyment.”

Day 9 | Saturday, April 4

Happiness, Session 8, 20 minutes

“Notice what throws you off balance and takes you away from your innate sense of happiness and contentment.”

Day 10 | Sunday, April 5

Happiness, Session 9, 20 minutes

“Pause to listen to somebody you normally wouldn’t take the time to listen to”

This exercise made me giggle! I find it to be ironically cool because Joanna Gaines likes two of my posts on Instagram today. I am somebody that she normally wouldn’t pay attention to, and also I had never tag her in my 3,589 posts!

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