Create an Instant Baby Birth Memory in 2 minutes

Note: these are questions and games as seen on social media during quarantine that I find entertaining. I personally think it makes great journal prompts. Some of these I do not recommend filling out for the public but are awesome to keep for personal memoirs of this strange time we are going through.

For more questions and games like this, look under “QUARANTINE 2020” in categories.


• Epidural:
• Pitocin:
• Caesarean:
• Induced:
• Gender Reveal Party:
• Due date:
• Born:
• Weight:
• Nauseated:
• Cravings:
• Heartburn:
• Swollen:
• Sex of baby:
• Place of Birth:
• Hours in labor:
• Hours you pushed:
• How old is your baby now:

Tip: Include a photo of your baby, newborn and now.

PS. This is the one questionnaire I wouldn’t do on FB.

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