Multicultural Crayons

A few weeks ago when Ben drew a picture of himself for my mom, he told me he couldn’t find the right color to color his face.

I handed him the nude color pencil, something I have always used to color faces. He complete the picture and he was happy with it.

Fast forward to this morning, a friend got us this box of @crayola multicultural crayons. I wish you could see his face light up. “Now I can make a picture that looks just like me.”

This is a great gift. This is the perfect gift as we are introducing our children to the differences in human race this week.

Within 10 minutes, he finished this picture and when I asked him what he drew, he said, “It’s Art, mommy.”

He was excited to have new colors crayon but he didn’t see the “colors” the way we adults see it.

And if you asked me last week, I can honestly say why point it out if they don’t see it.

But now, today, I agree 100% that it is our job as parents to teach our children about the differences and to raise awareness of racism in our home.

They might be too young for straight news, but there are so many other ways we, as parents, can help them learn at this young age.

I am willing to make the changes and am learning with them and hope that you are, too ❤️

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