9 Unique Stay in Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is calling!

For less than three hours drive from Akron, you can book a stay in one of these many unique rentals, from a tiny house to a cabin with indoor saltwater pool!

Some of these cabins are booked through August BUT most have availability AND all of them will be so beautiful in the fall too! #thinkfoliage

I know planning ahead isn’t ideal right now but it’s good to be in the know of pretty places.

Price range is a bit wild. But have fun looking through them to find one that’s right for you!

Ready. Set. Go!

Hocking Hills Tiny Houses – They have two brand new cozy tiny houses available for rent.

The Hocking Hills Caboose – An authentic 1950’s railroad caboose converted to a guest cottage in the heart of Hocking Hills.

Chalets in Hocking Hills – The Chalets is the original cabin rental operation of the Hocking Hills established in 1988. Starting with 16 A-Frames & the Fallswood Lodge. They now have over 50 premier cabins.

Hocking Hills Underground – A romantic Treehouse getaway for Adults.

Hocking Hills Treehouse Cabins – They own (5) One of a kind treehouses. Breathtaking.

Hocking Hills Cabins & Resort – Three luxury cabins in the heart of Hocking Hills! Perfect for your short escape, extended getaway or group event.

Hocking Hills Liberty Log Lodging-Hocking Hills, OH – 4 Log lodges in the heart of Hocking Hills. Sleep 8-22 guests. Perfect for family reunions or special family gatherings.

The Hocking Hills Rusty Lofts – An urban loft located in the historic city of Logan within a short drive to Hocking Hills State Park.

Hocking Hills Premier Cabins – The perfect rental for you if you are looking for seclusion and luxury. The High Point Lodge is the one with indoor saltwater pool in the detached pool house!

**Tips to see it all is to click on the handle and then visit the actual website to browse the many cabins**

I say this a lot (with every list I post) but I will say it again, please be safe. Don’t let your guard down!

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