Why I Decided to Home School My Kids This Fall

10 Reasons I Listed for Myself.

  1. It is not a long term plan. We are focusing on Kindergarten only.
  2. We have the flexibility in our schedules that allows us to do it.
  3. I am grateful for another year with my oldest.
  4. I see it as a blessing for both of my kids to spend another year exploring and learning together at home.
  5. I looked up the Kindergarten Benchmark and I believe I am capable to prepare him for first grade.
  6. We are going to make a list of “What Kindergarten Should Know” and mark things off the list. No specific curriculum.
  7. I know many friends who have been and are homeschooling their children and I am blessed for their knowledge and support.
  8. We have talked to our son about it and to our surprise he told us that he doesn’t like learning from a computer. He was not a fan of Zoom session.
  9. I see it as an opportunity to better myself as a parent as well as a person, to have this responsibility and to spend more quality time with my children.
  10. It’s life. Always something. You do what’s best for you and your family.

Homeschooling Resources:

Online School Resources:

Was this an easy decision?

No, this was not easy. But we knew we wanted to keep him home this year so it was between online schooling and homeschooling. I have talked to many friends and made my own list of pros and cons. Many nights of readings and debating in my own head what would be best for my son and if we can really do it.

I have to say the Benchmark and homeschooling mom friends were the most important factors why I decided to go with home school option. If you haven’t take a look, you might want to check it out.

Nothing in this world is for everybody. Some things work better for you, some work better for me. My only advice is to be true to your heart and to do what you feel is best for your family. If there will be a time when all you should and would care about is yourself and your family, the time is now.

Do what’s right for you.

I am here if you need an extra ear or an honest opinion on your situation from a fellow mom. -Nat

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