Home Again Flowers | More Than A Flower Field

This post includes brief details about Home Again Flowers Field and my suggestion for nearby attractions to make your visit worthwhile. The field itself is only half acre but you can definitely make plan to spend more time out in Hartville/ Uniontown area.

*Park at the farm stand or in the grass alongside the road.*

Home Again Flowers is a family owned you-pick flower field in Hartville, Ohio. The address is 1015 Andrews St. NW Hartville, OH 44632.

They are open from dawn to dusk, July through September. You can find daily update on the field at @homeagainflowers or visit their website to read more stories about this unique flower patch.

It is also very helpful to see “Before you visit” page for more details BEFORE you visit.

As you approach the field from either direction on Andrews street, you will see the farm stand. It is where you will find jars, snips, pricing and the cash box.

I actually love the brand coincident on the snips. A little reminder that “corona” had brought many great experiences to our family as well.

To the left of the stand, you’ll find two picnic tables and a swing set that visitors are welcome to use. You may also pick a book from the little free library to read while you are there or plan ahead to leave a book, and take a book!

We went later on Sunday evening which was the best time for us. We were the only family there. The field were well picked over the weekend but there were still plenty of flowers in the field for us and the kids were over the moon. However, I would recommend going before the weekend if you prefer variety of blooms and colors.

The sunflowers are off to back left corner. I could totally just make a jar of the sunflowers for myself. But kids were having too much fun picking their own bouquets and I was having fun taking pictures. So all was well.

Don’t forget to bring CASH OR CHECK ONLY for payments. We paid later and glad we did because we started with one jar and ended up with two.

From what we saw, more Sunflowers are blooming. We might go back next week to get a jar! Remember to check @homeagainflowers on Instagram for daily update.

Don’t forget to return the snips to the stand and pay in a drop box before you leave. Remember to bring exact change or a check book because the field is 100% self serve.

Also, if I may encourage you to leave tips or a little more if you can as the farm owners are working with many great local organizations and often donate their profit. Sometimes 100%.

Needless to say our family had a wonderful experience at the field. I am positive we would still enjoy our time there as much as we did, had there been more people.

If you are in Akron/Canton area, I highly recommend stopping by. I am also including a short list of things to do nearby the farm stand so you could make your trip a little longer than an hour and enjoy the day with your company.

Get out and explore! Summer will be gone before we now it!

Be safe 🙂

Nearby Attractions

More Attractions in the Area

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