Small Towns Ohio Driving Adventures | Wayne County

We gave up TV for a week and wanted to do something else in the morning before summer is over. So today we decided to take a drive to Hartzler Family Daily in Wooster for some delicious flavored milk!

Little did we know this trip would quickly turned into a back road adventures of small towns Ohio and we loved it!

The drive starts from taking the back road through Norton, Doylestown and Rittman.

We didn’t make a stop but you can easily stop by The Makery in Norton and Rittman Orchards in Rittman if you were traveling from Akron.

Kids loved counting the barns and silos and I loved driving on the road where it seems like I was driving into the sky! We ran into a few detours and one was the Railroad people working on clearing the dirt on the side of railroad track. Thought I’d had to turn around but we ended up watching for a while and got through.

Hartzler Ice Cream Shoppe

We originally came for the single serves Orange Cream Milk that isn’t sold at any other store. But we ended up getting the mocha flavor as well as ice cream, and we also stayed a bit for the playground since no one else was there.

So many yummy selections for ice cream by scoop. They also offer pints, ice cream sandwich, and ice cream cake also.

Only outside seating allowed. And there are two sets of fun playground for the kids also.

Smithville, OH

On our way from Hartzler ice cream shoppe to Smucker Store and Cafe, we visited The Little Red Caboose at The Wheeling & Lake Erie Train Depot. Both are Smithville Historic Buildings and are part of the Pioneer Village of the Smithville Community Historical Society.

The following are some places we would like to visit on our next trip to Smithville:

Smucker Store and Cafe | Orrville, OH

Just a short drive from Smithville, we arrived at the Smucker store and cafe. The cafe was closed but the store itself made it worth a stop. We felt like a tourist walking around the store browsing all the merchandises. We hope visit again when the cafe is open.

If you don’t feel like going inside, you can shop and order online and do a curbside pick up during the store hours.

Nearby Attractions:

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