You Do You! | Pandemic Moment.

So that quick stop for Ice Cream was a bit overwhelming. I thought it was strange and since we are keeping things real around here I wanted to share.

The walk to the ice cream was fine. Ice cream was great. But this was the first time I sat down anywhere with the kids and even though I thought I was okay with the idea, I guess I wasn’t ready.

BTW, This post has nothing to do with the ice cream shop. They were clean and follow the guidelines and we were the only three there until we left.

We washed our hands before we left the shop (they have a sink where you can wash your hands right by the seating area and that was awesome).

Then we took a few pictures and walked back to the car. THEN Ben picked up a chunk of loose concrete and I lose my cool – over a freaking rock!

My point is – as much as we have ventured out and as cautious as we are, I still get anxious and got overwhelmed over time. It may have been the heat or it may have been that we’ve been out the last few days…

So to friends who have reached out and we have talked about you staying home and haven’t done much or if you haven’t taken the kids anywhere, I just want to let you know that IT IS OKAY!

I’m sharing this experience to show you that you are doing yourself a favor avoiding the moment I had this afternoon.

Don’t listen to anyone who thinks you are weird or crazy or overreacting.

We are still living in the pandemic. #fact

They are not in your shoes. They are not your children’s mother nor yours! (For Buddha sake I don’t even listen to my mom sometimes)🤷🏻‍♀️

I don’t know how I’m taking next week, let alone tomorrow. But I know I’ll always trust my instincts and know my own limits and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

You do YOU! 🙌🏼

[The pics are 2020 vs 2018]

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