Centennial Flower Farm | Richfield, OH

We visited Centennial Flower Farm in Richfield today and it was everything we thought it would be, plus a nice breeze and some pretty chickens.

Centennial is a self-serve flower farm stand founded by a local Richfield mother and daughter duo. Flowers are cut fresh daily and they are open from 9am until sell out. They also offer delivery service on Saturday and you can place your order online here.

Below are some photos from our visit. We walked around a little as my kids spotted the chickens as soon as we got to the farm. I messaged Emily to make sure it was okay and she replied to us quickly on instagram that it was okay. I assumed she wouldn’t mind people walking around the farm a bit. But I would suggest all visitors to be respectful of the property when you visit and roam around.

You can see this sign from Broadview Road. On your left if you were coming from 77 and on your right if you were coming from Richfield.

The flowers are inside this cute little shed. You can find mason jars filled with beautiful arrangement of fresh cut flowers. Cash or Paypal for payment.

Unless there is a specific jar that you love, I’d suggest walking around first (if you have little ones) then go back to the shed to pick out flowers and pay.

We ended up with two jars and we had plan for them.

This was just the break we need to breath in fresh air. We might make it a routine to start the week off with pretty flowers and a visit with the chickens.

It’s a quick and easy drive from West Akron/Fairlawn area. We really enjoyed our visit and we hope that you will too!

Spread happiness with friends and neighbors

We turn one jar of Gladiolus into three new bouquets with Tissue paper, ribbon or string, and scissors. Then drop them off to friends.

This made my heart happy and it’s also a teaching opportunity.

Kids learned to think of other while they were out and about having a fun morning, sharing and empathy. Then a little math and a little art of flower arrangement.

Then they go to drop them off with me which is a bonus quality time.

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