Top 10 Resources for Learning Activities, Art, and Crafts.

Here are my top 10 resources for learning activities, art, crafts and everyday fun you can create for the kids – mostly with what you already have at home.

1. Fun Crafts Kids – Creative sustainable crafts.


2. Tinker Lab – Created by Rachelle Doorly, this site provides an easy and actionable ways to support your child’s creativity. Her themes are open-ended discovery, curiosity, experimentation, and process-based art.


3. That Fun Teacher – An educator who loves her job and has a blast doing it! She often shares links to more great resources too.


4. Red Ted Art with Mary Alice – Fun and unique easy crafts for kids.


5. Brainy Beginning Network – Ideas to inspire eco focus crafts.


6. The Best Ideas for Kids – Kids crafts and activities by Kimberly McLeod, a mom of two and the author of Fun & Easy Crafting with Recycled Materials.


7. Kids Craft Room – Emma Smith, a mom to 3, award winning kids crafts and activity blogger, creating, playing, cooking and gardening at Kids Craft Room.


8. Days with Grey – Beth is a creator of Breakfast Invitations. A former educator and a mom of 3 sharing simple learning games that invite play into your every day.


9. Free Kids Crafts – Free kids crafts ideas and printable.


10. Kinder Art – Art lessons for Pre-K to Grade 12 by Andrea, an artist, art teacher and writer. Also check out The KinderArt Club (The KinderArt Club is for Parents, Homeschoolers, Art Teachers, Classroom Teachers  and Art Studio Owners.)


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