10 Akron Owned Small Businesses that We Adore

As you already know, this year has been hard on small businesses. Many had to closed their doors for good and many more are hustling to stay open.

Below is a list of my personal favorite small businesses in Akron. I love them, I support them, and I would love to see them around for many years to come.

Please consider supporting small this holiday season. Amazon will be alright even if they have to file bankruptcy, but all of the small shops near and far need your support now more than ever.

Make a difference. One small shop at a time. I will keep the list coming ❤️

1. Don Drumm Studios & Gallery

2. Graf’s Garden Shop, Landscape & Farm Market

3. Leaf Home and Blooms

4. The West Side Bakery

5. The Gardener of Bath

6. The Farmers Rail

7. Tadpoles & Tiddlers

8. The Social Department

9. Shemazing Designs

10. Let’s Curate It

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