Who is Your Family Photographer?

I get this question at least once a week in the fall. Truth is, I don’t have one. I suck at time management once October arrives and I failed to schedule my own family photos years after years (yes while creating memories for others).

But this post is not about me and my lack of family photos 😅

I am writing this post to remind you not to forget about your favorite photographers or someone who you may want to use next year.

Photographers are amongst other small businesses that need your support. Often time it’s a one man show or a family business. Meaning he/she does everything and anything by him/herself or it’s a husband and wife team. It’s not at all as glamorous as people think and it’s definitely not just a “20 minutes” of work. #trustme

So how can you support your photographer during this holiday season?

{Buy Gift certificate from them}.

But I just got my pictures done, you said.

Yes you did.
And I’m not suggesting you spend your holiday budget on that gift card. But perhaps $50-$100 for yourself next year or as a gift to a friend who had been talking about how much she loved your photos every year.

If that makes sense, then go on and take a look at my list of some of the photographers I admired, as a friend and photographer 😊 and perhaps support them if you don’t have one you love already!

Black Dog Photo Co., LLC
Kalyn Mann Photography
Sara-Bella Photography
Black Box Photography
Hannah Donze Photography
Lauren Grayson
Erin Davison Photography
Marisa Lyon Photography
Caroline Seiffert Photography
Chris Rutan Photography
Photography by Sara Neff
LoveWhatIDo Photography

All based in Akron/ Cleveland area. Click over to their bio to view their work and pricing ✨

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