One Aquatic Swim | Private Swim Lessons in Seven Hills , OH

One of the greatest people I met through this account is Jenna @oneswimaquatics.

We started following each other a while back but with covid I wasn’t ready to break out of our bubbles until earlier this month.

We are out and about but we kept to ourselves 💯 of the time. We don’t see family, we don’t do play dates. And we don’t do any classes or sports.

So when the kids mentioned they would like to get back to swimming and soccer, the first place I looked was private swim lesson.

We decided to sign up with Jenna for many reasons.
☑️ Flexible schedule.
☑️ Fair tuition fee.
☑️ Survival based lesson.
☑️ She has two little ones and she believes in what she does the way she does it.

Seven Hills is a good 17 miles away from us. But I say if we can drive to Cleveland to pick up dim sum, we can definitely take kids to swim lesson at seven hills rec center once a week!

There are a lot of swim lessons out there and to each their own but @oneswimaquatics is what we choose.

Jenna is sharing a lot of information on her classes and Q&A in the stories @oneswimaquatics today. Check that out if you are interested or DM her with questions. She is very responsive.


Visit for more information.

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