Top 10 Epic Playgrounds near Akron (according to my kids)

With 50 degrees in the forecast this weekend, I had to look for my list of “Epic Playgrounds” to take the kids out. I’ll leave it here for you to explore too! (In no favorite order)

*By Epic we mean bigger and/or newer and more fun equipments that we don’t see at our local playgrounds.

  1. Lakewood Park, Lakewood.
  2. KidStation and Safety Village, Stow.
  3. Silver Spring Park, Stow.
  4. Boettler Park, Green.
  5. Kids Quarter, Richfield.
  6. Liberty Playground, Independence.
  7. Mugrage Park, Medina.
  8. Medina Memorial Park, Medina.
  9. Kaleidoscope Playground, Wadsworth.
  10. Hudson Spring Park, Hudson.

We also love these local (smaller) playgrounds:

  1. Oak Park, Cuyahoga falls.
  2. Valley Vista Park, Cuyahoga falls.
  3. Veteran Way Park, Hudson.
  4. Fred Glenwood, Medina.
  5. Edgewood Park, Barberton.
  6. Central Park, Uniontown.
  7. Croghan Park, Fairlawn.
  8. Fort Island Park, Fairlawn.
  9. Copley Community Park, Copley.
  10. Hereford Park, Highland Square.

We have been to most and all of them can get busy on a week like this. But also you may not see anyone there. Have fun exploring and enjoy the warmer days and maybe a little rain too! Xoxo

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