Birthday Party Ideas

Looks like today was a good day for mommas to start planning a spring/summer birthday party, judging from the number of DM asking for recommendations 🎉😊 #thankyou

So if you too are looking for parks with pavilion or fun venues that would be good for a small group of kids, check out a few from my list below.

1) Copley Community Park – if you are a resident, you can rent the pavilion for $25 and if you are non-resident you can rent it for $65. We have used the one in the back by the smaller playground and the hills for a Halloween party and it was an awesome party spot!

2) @summitmetroparks especially Munroe Falls and Sand Run. Lots of open shelters to choose from! We did a Spider-Man picnic theme for Kate’s birthday at lone spruce and think it was a perfect spot.

3) Bath park @bathparks Across from the Farmers rail. Go all the way back there’s a shelter right next to the playground and a trail as well. This one seems popular though so you may want to book ASAP.

4) @akronzoo – The smaller the better for the budget to have your epic party at the zoo! Visit their website for details!

5) Bowling! @bowlamf – if you are okay with indoor activities, this is a great choice. We did this in 2019 and all you have to do is show up (and decorate if you may) but other than that they did the rest!

6) Pottery Party @allfiredupakron – you can set your budget and you can choose to schedule a party to paint in the studio or pick up the kits and have your party elsewhere!

7) Splatter Art Party @familyroomentertainment in Stow – we have not done this one yet but we cannot wait to experience it!

8) A visit from a favorite superhero or princess! Contact @party_people_llc for their many options and availabilities.

I can keep going all day but I’m going to stop here 😋 Feel free to DM if you are looking for something more age and interest specific. I’ll be happy to share what I know with you. Xoxo

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