Jenks Building in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

ou need to put this eclectic @jenksbuilding on your summer bucket list. I don’t even know where to begin. They have art, local goods, plants, books, antiques, vintage, creative space, live music, bread, wine, decor, outdoor space, farmer market and so much more to explore! So so neat.

The best part of our visit today was when kids want some fresh baked @lowrentfancy bagels and I didn’t have cash on me. Michael, the owner who I have never met told me “just come back and pay for it later. You can write your name in the IOU book in the book store and come back. We have a trust system here!” OMG. When was the last time someone at a store said that to you?!

Please go visit this true local gem in Cuyahoga Falls. Follow them to get update on live music and weekly events. We sure will be back often! Love love love!


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