The List of Farmer’s Market, Local Farm Stands, and Natural Markets!

Let’s talk Farmer’s Market, Local Farm Stand, and Natural Markets!

Kids and I were talking about how much fun we had harvesting with @audreyingallswilder at her Birdwood Urban Farm last summer and that gave me the ideas of sharing with you where to find fresh local produce this summer!

Below are some of the markets we know in the area. Most are already open (year round) and some are just getting ready to open in a few weeks. So please check their account or website before you visit 🔆

🐓 @countrysidefoodandfarms (Peninsula)
🥒 @seasonsmicrofarm (Kent)
🌶 @spiceheadquarters (Brecksville)
🫑 @dunklers_farm (Akron)
🌽 @szalays_farm_market (Peninsula)
🥕 @luthersfarmmarket (Copley)
🍅 @haymakerfarmersmarket (Kent)
🥦 @hfmnow (Hudson)
🫒 @medinafarmermarket (Medina)
🧅@sevenhillsfarmersmarket (Seven Hills)
🥬 @beilersmarket (Uniontown)
🍆 @northcantonfarmersmarket (North Canton)
🛒 (Munroe Falls)
🛒 @kriegersmarket (Cuyahoga Falls)
🛒 @mustardseedmrkt (Akron)
🛒 @sevengrainsmrkt (Tallmadge)

Hope this helps to start off some planning. I’ll post the list on the blog soon and will keep adding as we find more 🔆

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