Kids Haircut | Labelle’s Barber Parlor

Ben doesn’t know why he needs a haircut before Friday (I do) but because his barber is on vacation, “I don’t want to go until Shane comes back to work.”

We have been going to @labellesbarberparlor since June of 2019 when Ben was four and wanted a high fade to look fly for soccer and the kiddie barber didn’t work for us anymore.

Shane took the time with Ben as if he was a teenager who knew what he was talking about and gave him the cut he was hoping for.

As a mom I was worried taking him there the first time, you know a real barbershop with real grown men and a super cool setting. But what do I know. He fits right in and Shane earned his trust from him on the first cut.

I was impressed with @labellesbarberparlor and I’ve said from day one that if you pay more than $19 to get a haircut this is where you should be.

Not only that you will be supporting small local business and talented barbers, but putting your kids out of their comfort zone and introducing them to a different setting can be a good thing. (within your own comfort zone of course)

@labellesbarberparlor is located in the East End district where Goodyear headquarters used to be. Online appointment and cash only.

If you are searching for a new barber, I highly recommend @labellesbarberparlor 💈✨


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