19 Pick-Your-Own Strawberries and Blueberries Farms | Summer 2021

Below is the list of local U-pick farms within driving distance from Akron (20 minutes to an hour). They are in no distance or favorite order. It really is just the list of farms I would like to visit with the kids. We would probably make a day trip out of a visit to some of these farms (with other nearby attractions/ local spots).


Most of the following farms will be open for U-Pick on Saturday, June 12th, 2021! However, please check the website to make sure before your visit.

  1. Rittman Orchards (Doylestown)
  2. Walnut Drive Gardens (Mogadore)
  3. Bauman Orchards Inc (Rittman)
  4. Red Wagon Farm (Columbia Station)
  5. Patterson fruit Farm (Chesterland)
  6. Sunny Slope Orhard (Navarre)
  7. Aufdenkampe Family Farm (Vermillion)
  8. Ridgeview Farm (Middlefield)
  9. Munroe’s Orchard and Farm Market (Hiram)
  10. Fitch’s Farm Market (Avon)
  11. Pickering Hill Farms (Avon)
  12. White House Fruit Farm (Canfield)
  13. Moreland Fruit Farm (Wooster)
  14. Rainbow Farms (Madison)
  15. West Orchards Farm (Perry)


Blueberries aren’t seem to be ready for picking quite yet. Please keep checking the website and their social media for update.

  1. Greenfield Berry Farm (Peninsula)
  2. Blossom Creek Farm (East Sparta)
  3. Wolff’s Blueberries (Garrettsville)
  4. Wintergreen Tree Farm (Mantua)

Photos were taken at Rittman Orchard last summer (June 2020)

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