Where to Eat in Cleveland?

Michael Angelo’s Winery | September 2021

Last weekend, I was exhausted and hungry after work and wanted to go somewhere we have never been before so I googled, “Where to eat in Cleveland” and to my surprise (not sure why I was so surprised), there are tons of cool places to choose from. SO MANY. From a quick eat to fancy. Adding them to my list because of the vibe and food photos – usually how I choose restaurant if I have never been. Then I choose to go back if food is great.

It will definitely take us a good while to go check them all out. Hopefully they’ll be around until we get there. Here is the list. You can definitely google for more. I just want to have all the ones I’m interested to try in one place. I’ll probably eventually add more info and photos. But don’t hold your breath.

  • Goma
  • Alea
  • The Bourbon Street Barrel Room
  • Avo Modern Mexican
  • TURN Bar + Kitchen
  • Good Company
  • 1330 on the River
  • Keep the Change Kitchen Collective
  • Toast
  • Republic Food and Drink
  • Taza
  • Lago East Bank
  • Astoria Cafe & Market
  • Sauce the City
  • Luca
  • Soho Chicken + Whiskey
  • Crile Food Emporium
  • The South Side
  • Butcher and the Brewer
  • Proof
  • pHel Cafe
  • Tommy’s
  • Betts
  • The Burnham
  • Pura Vida by Brandt Evans
  • Larder Delicatessen and Bakery
  • XYZ the Tavern
  • Salt
  • Landmark Smokehouse
  • Anatolia Cafe
  • Zhug
  • Il Venetian
  • Edwins Leadership & Restaurant institute
  • Acqua di Luca
  • Azure
  • Cru Uncorked
  • Don’s Pomeroy House
  • Citizen Pie Roman Cafe
  • Bar Cento
  • Rood Food + Pie
  • Luxe Kitchen + Lounge
  • Adega
  • Batuqui Brazillian Restaurant
  • Vault
  • Heck’s Cafe

So many great choices. Date night, family night, whatever night. Treat yourself. One restaurant at a time✨

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